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Penny Tire Test | Old Bridge, NJ

Penny Tire Test | Old Bridge, NJ
Your tires are the only part of your car that keeps you in contact with the road. They play a critical role in your car’s safety and performance. That is why it is so important to make sure your tires are in good condition. You can get peace of mind with just a single penny.

With the penny tire test, you can get a good idea of how much tread your tires have left. Take a penny and place the top of Lincoln’s head down into the tread. If you can see the top of his head, this means your tire has less than 2/32 of an inch of tread depth remaining, and you will need to replace your tires very soon. If Lincoln’s head is still covered, you probably don’t need new tires.

Make sure when you do this test, you check all four tires in multiple places, especially near the edges. If any tires have tread depth that is particularly uneven, this could indicate you need an alignment along with new tires.

If you don’t want to cut it so close with your tires, you can use a quarter instead of a penny. The top of Washington’s head will measure to 4/32 of an inch, which will give you more time to shop for new tires.

Many tires also come with built-in tread wear indicator bars. These are horizontal bars embedded between the tread bars and are 2/32 of an inch thick. If the tread is flush with the indicator bar, it is time for new tires.

Finally, for an even more precise way to keep track of your tire tread, you can purchase a tread depth gauge. Press the probe into a tire groove until the shoulders touch the tread and read the results. It should tell you the depth in both 32nds of an inch and in millimeters.

If Honest Abe’s head is making an appearance on your tires, bring your car into JAB Automotive for a quick tire change and choose from our best selection of quality tires.

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