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Technology Spotlight - Bluetooth® | Old Bridge, NJ

While it may seem like Bluetooth® technology is everywhere and is something many of us use every day, it has not been around that long, especially when it comes to in-car technology. The first Bluetooth® hands-free car kit came along in 2001. Now, 17 years later, it is standard issue in almost every new car produced in the United States. Here is a rundown of what you can do with the Bluetooth® in your car.

Make a Call

This is the feature most people are familiar with. Once you have your compatible smartphone paired with your car’s Bluetooth®, you can make and receive hands-free phone calls. Depending on your vehicle, you should also be able to use voice commands to tell your car who you want to call.

Receive Text Messages

While no one ever suggests texting while driving, Bluetooth® enables you to receive these messages by reading them back to you through a text-to-speech function. You may also be able to reply with the speech-to-text feature or through a variety of pre-programmed replies.

Stream Media

If you have an older car that does not offer the convenience of features like Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, you may use Bluetooth® streaming frequently. This feature allows you to play media on your phone through your car’s speaker by using music or podcast apps. You may also be able to control the playback from your vehicle’s head unit if that feature is included.

Connect Your Car to the Internet

If your car is not advanced enough to have its own Wi-Fi, you can use your phone’s connection and send it to your car through Bluetooth® tethering. This will allow you to access some of your car’s features that require internet, such as built-in apps like Pandora® or Spotify®.

Many vehicles use Bluetooth® technology to enhance the driving experience. Find your next Bluetooth® car at JAB Automotive.
Technology Spotlight - Bluetooth | JAB Automotive | Old Bridge, NJ

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