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What Does That Noise Mean? | Old Bridge, NJ

What Does That Noise Mean? | JAB Automotive | Old Bridge, NJ
Since we spend so much time in our vehicles, it’s easy to tell when your car starts sounding off. Did you know that these noises may work as a diagnostic tool for you to figure out what’s wrong with your vehicle? You may hear a rattling noise, humming, screeching, or your car may just sound louder overall. These different noises mean different things, so here’s a short guide to noises cars make and what common problems they may indicate.
  1. Rattling beneath vehicle: This noise could indicate a loose exhaust system, loose brake pads, or another loose mechanical part.
  2. Roaring when accelerating: This noise is typically related to either the exhaust system or the transmission. It could mean that either of these systems are damaged, or that the transmission is not shifting gears correctly.
  3. Whining: Whining usually has to do with the transmission as well and can mean that there is excessive transmission and/or differential wear. This noise can also be described as a sort of hum, which makes it difficult to place and hard to diagnose.
  4. Squealing or grinding while applying the brakes: You will want to get the brakes checked as soon as possible if you notice odd noises coming from them. A squealing noise could mean that the brake rotors are dirty, or that the brake pads are worn. If you hear a grinding noise, this typically means that the brake pads are completely worn through and that the rotors are rubbing metal against metal. This will seriously damage the brakes and cause more expensive repairs, so you will want to resolve brake noises as quickly as possible.
  5. Knocking noise coming from engine: You should always use the fuel grade recommended for your vehicle in its owner’s manual. Using a lower-fuel grade can produce an engine knocking noise.

If your car is making unusual sounds, bring it to JAB Automotive LLC and we’ll see what the problem may be.

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